Welcome To Nereid Project

This documentation is divided into different parts. We recommend that you get started with Installation and then head over to the Getting Started.

Nereid Project is an open-source collaborative development platform offered by Team Openlabs. It is mainly used for managing project processes. While it could be used for managing any kind of project, it is primarily used at Openlabs to manage software projects. It is designed to help organise projects & tasks. The aim is to connect everything together on a single interface, avoiding unnecessary time consumption, and track project’s progress, task’s status, shared files, time spent on individual tasks.

  • Break project into multiple tasks, assign to project teammates to collaborate
  • Gantt chart provides deep insights about progress
  • Collaborative dashboard ties everything together
  • Upload files from personal desktop, or internet link
  • Organize efforts-Easily create, assign, and comment on tasks, so user always know what’s getting done and who’s doing it.
  • Puts tasks together, so user can go to one place for all the history of the work.
  • notifications via email make it effortless to stay on top of the details that matter to user.

and much more...


The goal of nereid project is to provide a friendly web based user interface to stakeholders outside the company to the powerful project management module of Tryton.

  • Separate user accounts for users outside the company (like customers) without giving access to Tryton.
  • Simplify the project management tasks to encourage participation from users who may not be tech savvy.

Nereid User

Nereid introduces a model of user management different from the default user management schema (res.user) of Tryton. Nereid project also makes use of the concept to provide logins to participants of the project. Internal employees of the company should in addition have their user accounts linked to their employee records so that timesheet entries can be marked by users who are also employees.

In addition, nereid project also introduces the idea of project administrators. Project administrators are created by adding nereid users to the project admins section on the company module. This is due for deprecation and will be replaced with the permissions system introduced in nereid. Nereid Users with the nereid_project.admin permission will be automatically given admin rights to all projects.


Note that the permissions mentioned here are nereid.permissions and not the regular Tryton access control user groups.